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Website Design and Development

Building Web solutions requires total commitment and involvement from the client side as well as we on the technology side. A successful solution can be guaranteed only when there is a clear communication of the objectives of Ebusiness and total alignment of the team including the business owner, marketing executives, system analyst, creative designer, customer support, technology development team and testing and deployment team.

Our Delivery Process begins with a compelling objective statement defining the following:

What are we exactly set to achieve ?
What are our boundaries in terms of systems, features, time and cost.
Subsequently we work on defining the Detailed Requirement Analysis
Creative Design Brief
Content Plan
Quality Benchmark

Based on the above definition we form a agile team from our side proficient with the best practices of web development. We can either use Waterfall development or Iterative development Processes depending on the size and scope of the project. For larger projects we recommend Iterative development that relies on modular design, development, testing and implementation with flexibility to add new requirements, update and enhance the solution ongoing. 

If you have any questions or to know more about our services, you can make a direct call or write us an email.

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Client's Quote

"I recommend Kaizen Techas a highly reliable and professional Website Design Company and SEO Experts. They developed fantastic website: for car windscreen repairs."
John Considine

"Kaizen Tech is an exceptional Web Design firm. This is the fourth project I have completed with the firm and their work has always been of outstanding caliber."
M Bhamani
Italian Kitchens Suppliers

"Kaizen Tech is an exceptional Web Design firm. This is the fourth project I have completed with the firm and their work has always been of outstanding caliber."
Pat Petker
Hawker Publications

"I recommend Kaizen Tech as a highly reliable and professional web development company. They developed a big ecommerce website for us. The project was done on time an on budget that was extremely important for our organization."
Director, Pak Cosmetics Centre

"Kaizen Tech provided website development insights and a high degree of professionalism that provided the Megatiles a very polished image."
Megatiles: Tiles at Trade Prices

"Mubarak Yusuf is an amazing asset to Kaizen Tech. The end result exceeded my expectations and I greatly appreciate all of the work the Kaizen Tech team did on the new release of the In Car Music Web site."
Anwar Aziz
In Car Music

"Kaizen Tech met and exceeded our expectations. They captured the essence of our program, our mission, and our organizations culture and creatively brought it to life in their design and development of our new website. Kaizen Tech truly is a Webby!"
Vipesh Shah
Natural Giftware Wembley

"Most important, the new business created has been excellent and has truly contributed to the overall growth of our company."
Mr. Ray